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As a centre of excellence, CRG has established a Resource Centre on Forced Migration in South Asia to enhance its research and training activities on forced migration and other related themes. CRG is in a position to develop this Resource Centre comprising a book holding and a documentation unit exclusively on Forced Migration in South Asia with its existing academic and human resources. This centre will encourage new researches on issues of forced migration, displacement, protection of oustees, and rights of the victims of forced migration. This Resource Centre will facilitate inter country researches through exchange visits in South Asia, provide short term scholarships/fellowships to young researchers and document myriad aspects of forced migration. CRG wants to initiate more frequent exchanges of scholars from other South Asian countries to work on the theme of forced migration and displacement. The main objective is to develop first hand knowledge and experiences about forced migration and displacement in the neighbouring countries of South Asia. CRG will also publicize its research outputs as widely as possible and organize short term training programmes for dissemination of knowledge thus culled.
  To avail of the scholarships/fellowships offered by the Centre, interested researchers can seek information from the library-in-charge at

  Collection on Forced Migration