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    How to use the library?
  Interested persons have to register to use the library. In case of difficulty please contact the library in charge at mail id

    How to get registered?
  Step I - Click on- Registration (Right corner of the library webpage).
Step II - After you register, you will receive a verification e-mail in your e-mail id
Step III -You will be able to login (with your respective login id and password) after 24 hours of your registration process
Step IV - If you fail to login after 24 hours of your resgistration please contact us at
    How to search the catalogue?
  Option One : Basic Search. Step I : Click on- Basic Search Step II: Enter search item - any word from the title of a book/document, or either by the first or last name of the Author

Option Two: Advanced Search.
One can search specific book/document by mentioning the Title, Author, Publisher, Catalogue type (Photographs/Posters, Journals, Reports, Theses, Books, Audio CDs/DVDs, Video CDs/DVDs etc), Subject, Year of Publication and Keywords. We have listed few options of using advanced search.

Step I : Click on - Advanced Search.
Step II :To view collection of journals:
Click on - Catalogue Type [eg : Journal]

Step III:To view any specific article in any particular journal:
Click on - Catalogue Type [eg : Journal],Subject [eg : Forced Migration]

Step IV :For more specific search type, for instance on Sri Lankan refugees.
Click on - Catalogue Type- Journal/ Book whichever applicable. click on - Subject [eg : Forced Migration] and add key words- a relevant key word in the space provided for keyword [eg: Sri lanka/Sri lankan Refugees]

Step v : You can also view articles by just using Keywords.
    How to access holdings on forced migration?
  Resource Centre has various documents/ books/ audio files relating to issues on forced migration in South Asia. Please follow the following guidelines to use the resource centre:

Step I: Click on- Resource Centre
Step II:Click on-Collection on Forced Migration
Step III: Click on individual resources like- Books/ reports and census reports to view our collection
Step IV: To view any specific document/ report/ book/ article/ essay please use - Basic Search and or - Advanced Search

You can also search resources by just using Key words.
For Instance - Names of Countries [India/Nepal/Sri Lanka/Bhutan/Pakistan] or key words like Forced Migration/Forced Migration in South Asia/State/Partition/Displacement/Protection/Refugees/Refugees in South Asia/Refugee Law/Journal on Forced Migration/Refugee Watch/Migration/Media and so on

CRG is famed for organizing the Annual Winter Course on Forced Migration each year in Kolkata.For details of its course readings and past reports on the proceedings of the Course- please use Basic Search or Advanced Search and use Winter Course as the key word.
    How to know the nature of the resource?
  For Books : Call number starts with BK. For instance - BK/A/MCRG/000
For Documents [Journals, Reports etc] : Call number starts with DC. For instance - DC/FM/MCRG/00
For CDs : Call number starts with CD. For instance - CD/MCRG/000
Books and CDs are only available in hard copies in our library.